Watercolors are simply finely ground pigments suspended in a water soluble binder produced from tree resin. They are sometimes associated with the work of children, but are in fact, brilliantly

utilized by many, many contemporary artists and by revered

American artists such as Homer, Sargent and Wyeth.


Watercolors are prized for their transparent nature and ability to simulate the illusion of light, they can also be used opaquely to differentiate and enhance the solidity of key

elements within a painting.


I don't really paint with watercolors, I partner with them.

Together, we try to arrive at a mutually desirable outcome!


 This site is meant to be a celebration of

this beautiful and emotive medium

as well as a showcase for some of my own adventures
with watercolors





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What exactly are watercolors and

why are they so captivating?

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