Leo Kahl was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.   A natural ability to draw and visualize objects in

3 dimensional space would evolve throughout childhood. A Jon Gnagy,  “Learn to Draw”  instructional kit ( a Christmas gift from his parents ) provided the initial basis for understanding values and the effects of light on objects.





Solid instruction from high school art teachers furthered his artistic education, enabling an entry level drafting position with a civil engineering firm in Baltimore.


Formal art education was obtained at the Maryland Institute, College of Art or MICA as it is known as today. It was there that he would come to appreciate and admire many of history’s prominent artists.


Over the next 30 plus years, he would marry his natural creative ability to “envision” solutions within the disciplines of engineering, product development

and marketing science.


A passion for art and painting continues to drive him to create all manner of imagery ranging from serene rural subjects and dimly lit interiors to intimate portraits of family and friends.


His paintings hang in the corporate offices of many top tier companies including, Westinghouse, GMC, Akzo Nobel, Bally’s, Serenco, Marconi and the homes of many prominent Maryland families.


He currently lives in Maryland with his wife Robin of 36 years, his dog Wyeth and cats Alice, Nessie and Figaro.

A typical Saturday in my studio





He can be found playing baseball when not painting!

©2016 Leo Kahl

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